curated by Daniela Lotta
opening January 20_2005 – 6pm
January 21 – March 20_2005 – 5pm – 9pm

EX EGGS, Art.Environments.Space, 183 Broadway, suite 2 – New York, NY 10007

Ouverture will be held in New York City with the objective of enhancing the international visibility of a group of artists from the region of Emilia Romagna, whose selection has been curated by Daniela Lotta. The featured artists were selected from participants in the various editions of ICEBERG, a well-known annual art contest promoted by G.A.I. of Bologna (Organization for the Promotion of Young Artists). In order to carry out the planning and realization of Ouverture, Ex Eggs, the New York based gallery that will host the exhibition, requires the financial support of individuals, corporations and foundations that appreciate the exhibition’s unique approach.
Ouverture will offer New York City and the world an opportunity to experience the contemporary art aesthetics that currently interest the artists of this peculiar geographic region of Italy. Ouverture also stands for the aim to sustain and promote the work of emerging Italian artists and their “dialogue” with the artistic environment of New York.
Contemporary art leads the audience to conceptual outcomes affected by the surrounding environment and background. With this in mind, the curator has chosen artists whose research is based on the common effort to produce works, capable of tracing an independent path within contemporary aesthetics. The four selected artists are considered some of the most successful interpreters of contemporary expressive media. Their work interacts with the surrounding space, stimulating the physical dimension of the gallery, as well as the sensorial and psychological field of interaction with the public. Drawing, panting, sculpting, photography, video, sound and performance are among the languages that Ouverture’s artists utilize while investigating traditional values. The featured artwork will therefore focus on the exhibiting space utilizing form and aesthetics: connection with atmospheric gravity, acoustics, blockages of the space, emotional value of materials, colors. The composition of the featured works shows a well-defined creative process: feeling and reacting to constant external stimuli, metabolizing and re-offering them utilizing personal yet precise aesthetic choices.

Always under construction!

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